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Establishing a household name throughout within the NFT industry is at the forefront of our operations. Fundamentally, branding is a reflection of ones performance and image; facilitating a high rate of retention & recognition.

EASY aims to do just that. It’s more than just a name or project. EASY branding opens the gates to industry-wide expansion across all facets of WEB3. This includes, partner projects, programs, utilities, providers & more; it’ll be hard to miss us.

What makes us different? It’s simple. Our team, expertise, drive and ambition. We’re not here to take part, we’re here to take over.


It’s an industry first. Our Lore and the EASY brand are directly integrated within one another, forming a multi-faceted platform for growth. EASY represents the local form of currency and language throughout the Elvish city of Sindaria; with its roots tracing back over 1200 years to the original custodians of the land.

There’s a reason they’re called EASY Elves and its not some exasperated attempt at alliteration or world play; nor is it in the same playing field as other ‘brands’ or ‘culture shifts’ in the Solana Space.

Everything is calculated and has an inherent role to play in the EASY universe and lore; both physical and digital. You’ll see.


In collaboration with notable partners in the space we’re implementing an in-house deflationary mechanism that facilitates both burns and intrinsic metdata changes in your elves.


Elves are inherently unique in their race, background, place of residence & faction. Distinct, virtual land within Sindaria is intrinsically tethered to individual elves providing insight into their own lore & background.

$EZY Token

EZY represents our community-formed token developed with deep consideration of legal compliance and tokenomic systematics.


Easy Elves

In the Elvish City of Dreams, whispers of revolution echo across its streets as racial tension amongst the 2 classes of elves reach its tipping point. Decades of corruption and segregation across Elvish lines has manifested an atmosphere of mistrust and rebellion against the ruling Sindari class.

Easy Wands

Sindarias Elven wands. Imbued with immense power. Eldar, Ice, Forest, and Mechanical.

Queens of Sindaria

These female elves are a mix of very beautiful and top modern Sindaria City girls.

Easy Dragons

Easy Dragons are incredibly cute and have different abilities depending on their species. Some can breathe fire, others can fly or even perform little magical tricks. The EASY elves & queens lovingly care for their dragons and form close bonds with them.

NFT Flip Game

Sterilis Murder Mechanic (MM)

Game Link:

How to Play:

Send your ELVE or QUEEN to Battle and have the chance to return with a prisoner (Win an additional ELVE or QUEEN)! But beware, your NFT may be lost in battle and subsequently burnt from supply. Boost your odds of winning with $PRNT tokens or holding an Easy Wand.


All transactions are IRREVERSIBLE. Your Elve or Queen NFTs are at risk of permanent loss by playing the game. Clicking play indicates full liability and acknowledgment that losses may occur and will be non-refundable/retrievable. Battle with care.


You can BOOST your odds of winning up to 56% by either spending $PRNT tokens in increasing increments or holding an EASY WAND.

PRNT tokens boost your chances by approximately by 2-6% depending on which increment you choose.
2% — 250 $PRNT
4% — 500 $PRNT
6% — 750 $PRNT

Easy Wands  boost your chances by approximately by 2-8% depending on which wand you hold.
2% — Forest wand
4% — Bionic Wand
6% — Ice Wand
8% — Eldar Wand

NOTE: Easy Wands are not in jeopardy of permanent loss in the game. The game app only checks to see the highest level of Easy Wand you hold.





Collaboration Manager /
Alpha Caller


Marketing Manager /
Advisor & Strategy

Island Hopper

Web Designer /
Community Manager


Easy Elves is an NFT Project solely run on the Solana Blockchain. The project encompasses the Dynamic integration of Culture, Brand and WEB3 Utility; all underpinned by vast and in-depth lore that accentuates the immersiveness of the Easy Elves world. The ability for holders to resonate with their NFT on many different levels to emit a multifaceted experience within the space. We have a huge array of utility and the vision to change the way NFTs are perceived. Our roadmap kicks off with 10 Major utilities ranging from Branding, WEB3, Culture shifts and bridging the real world to crypto. We will be the most successful stealth mint in Solana history.
The initial supply was 4,444 uniquely generated Easy Elves. But, we have burning mechanism in place through our Murder Mechanic flip game. So, the supply goes down with every Elve NFT that is burned.
Check out our roadmap to find out an in-depth breakdown of how we’re creating value for our holders!
Easy Elves will change the way the NFT space perceives community. We want to give our community a reason to hold and be a part of us. The concept is creating a community through our project culture to make the wider ecosystem “want to be a part of our community.” Our ‘Easy’ slogan will be etched all over the ecosystem and provide a relaxed and crazy holder chat that promotes a strong bond as a collective. The team is just as chill as the holders and we’re going to drive culture just as hard as our stacked AF roadmap. Being a part of the EZY Movement will be a MUST in the space. It all starts with the stealth mint.
We acknowledge that there is a void in the space when it comes to new mints providing substantial value, substance and return on investment. The bulk majority of these projects are run by amateurs that are not well equipped to manage a project for years and years to come. They often fall short on utility, management, building strong community retention and creating an electric atmosphere that makes wider community want to join. This void is seen the team and is also a primary reason as to why we bring a multitude of important foundational utilities to build up for the years to come. Commencing with 10 major utilities, coupled with brand building and extreme professionalism, we know that our project blows everything else out of the water. We’re not a project that does the bare minimum. We will overachieve.