NFT Flip Game – How to Play

NFT Flip Game


How to Play


All transactions are IRREVERSIBLE. Your Elve or Queen NFTs are at risk of permanent loss by playing the game. Clicking play indicates full liability and acknowledgment that losses may occur and will be non-refundable/retrievable. Battle with care.

IMPORTANT: Your NFT must be UN-STAKED to be eligible to to be played in the NFT Flip Game.

Players will start out with a 40% chance of winning each NFT Flip Game battle, and can increase chances by Boosting Odds. Winning will place an additional NFT into your wallet for free. Conversely, losing will mean your NFT is either burnt from the supply or re-injected into the pool for future battles.



  • 0.005 SOL transaction fee (each game)
  • NOTE: First game you play has a 0.01 SOL fee. The game needs to initialize two accounts, on first play, user account and receiver account.


You can see available prizes by clicking the PRIZE POOL link in the header. Prizes will be updated from time to time.


You can BOOST your odds of by either spending $PRNT tokens in increasing increments or holding an EASY WAND (Easy Elves and Queens QOS) or BABY ELVE (AI Elves and Art Queens) NFT.

PRNT tokens boost your chances by approximately by 2-6% depending on which increment you choose.
2% — 250 $PRNT
4% — 500 $PRNT
6% — 750 $PRNT

EASY ELVES and QUEENS (QOS) flip games:
Holding an Easy Wands NFT will boost your chances by approximately by 2-8% depending on which wand you hold.
2% — Forest Wand
4% — Bionic Wand
6% — Ice Wand
8% — Eldar Wand

AI ELVES and ART QUEENS flip games:
Holding a Baby Elves NFT will boost your chances by approximately by 6% depending on which wand you hold.
6% — Baby Elves NFT


NFT Boosts (Easy Wands and Baby Elves) are not in jeopardy of permanent loss in the game. The game app only checks to see which Boost NFT you hold.